• Bryan Edery - on stage with Red Box
  • Bryan Edery on stage with Red Box - Wroclaw, Poland
  • Bryan Edery - Keyboard Playing close up, Red Box Poland tour

01 Sep Touring with Red Box

Bryan has played keyboards for various rock and pop bands. In 2015 he went on tour to Poland with ’80s band Red Box. Bryan used two keyboards, together with a Macbook Pro – running Mainstage and Kontakt – to deliver all of the sounds and trigger the band’s samples, many of which come from their studio recordings. When he’s not performing in such complex sets he will use one or two keyboards to generate piano, Rhodes, Hammond, strings, pads and brass sounds. Feel free to get in touch to discuss live or session work.

Keyboard session recordings

California Dreaming

Bryan played a Hammond keyboard sound on this Red Box webcast recording from March 2015. © Red Box, re-produced with kind permission.

Song for Dora Mae

Bryan played a Rhodes-Organ type of sound on this track, which appears on David Munyon’s Meanwhile Back in Japan album (2010).

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